You can do one of four things so I can make gauges for you.

1. Scan your gauges and email them to me. I need at least 300dpi but I don't need any more than 600dpi.

2. Send me your gauges and I'll scan them for you.

3. You can pay me a development fee. Then I will use that fee to source gauge faces for your project. The extra will go toward your purchase. Please contact me for a development fee quote. A minimum quote would be $50. The most a quote would be is the cost of a whole gauge cluster from the dealership. I only expect this for new cars that I can't find in a junk yard.

4. You can send me your entire gauge cluster. I will remove the gauges from your cluster, scan them, make your custom gauges and install them into your cluster. All you will have to do is wire up the power for the inverter. I will do all of the wiring inside the cluster. For most cars this would cost an extra $50 and would include FedEx ground to the USA.